How To Sell

This morning I had a recorded phone message on my machine offering great income.

I just needed to call the toll free phone number. Okay. I called to see what they were selling.

This is what happened.

If I wanted wealth then stay on the line.

I did.

Then a man’s voice hyped the “get rich with this program”.

He had a Mike, a Jane, a James tell how happy they were for listening to the call.

One of these three said there was a website.

Then the man said stay on the line for the presenter David.

David came on and hyped about mindset and what the rich do versus what the poor do.

And he talked of three things I must do.

Mindset, think rich and?

I don’t what the third thing was as he never got to it.

I couldn’t spend any more time listening to him ramble on about the benefits of continuing to listen.

What was the website?

What was the program?

What was the cost?

What did I have to do?

I never found out.

He never said.

Now if you want to sell something, and I don’t see myself as any different than anyone else

in what I expect from a future seller,  get to the point!

I don’t want to waste untold hours listening to hype.

So marketers, if you want to sell something:

tell me what you have,

how much it costs,

what I have to do to use your product or service.

That’s all I want to know.

And I want to know it in the clearest and fastest way possible.

I value my time and won’t value your product if you don’t value my time.