“Get Off The Street!”

These days many are seeing world wide actions by police that are arbitrary, brutal,
and against common reason and against the law.
Well, I think many not only crave power but ease.
Real crime is never targeted.
Fake accusations and suspicion or entrapment where the police ask people
to do something so that they can be arrested.
(the action of tricking someone into committing a crime in order to secure
their prosecution. “his style of investigation constitutes entrapment”)
Right here where I live this happens all the time.
A neighbor was accused of drug trafficking because of his cub scout pine wood
derby race car scale.

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A farmer was raided because he was raising okra.

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Another farmer was told to get rid of his field of weeds, a field of ripening wheat.

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A real thief was apprehended by a town Marshall but the court let the guy go
because the victim didn’t have serial numbers on all the stolen items. This
led to the marshal quitting saying, “Why catch crooks if they let them
go like this?”
A missing light on a license plate is a bigger crime than theft.
Why arrest for real crime when minor unimportant things are so easy to

This sort of thing happened in the past:
Alma 10 in the Book of Mormon:
“13 Nevertheless, there were some among them who thought to question them,
that by their cunning devices they might catch them in their words, that they might
find witness against them, that they might deliver them to their judges that they
might be judged according to the law, and that they might be slain or cast into
prison, according to the crime which they could make appear or witness
against them.
14 Now it was those men who sought to destroy them, who were lawyers,
who were hired or appointed by the people to administer the law at their
times of trials, or at the trials of the crimes of the people before the judges.
15 Now these lawyers were learned in all the arts and cunning of the people;
and this was to enable them that they might be skillful ┬áin their profession.”

In other words, the legal system would set people up to make it appear
that crimes had been committed so they could have trials and keep the
attorneys, judges, and officers of the law in business.

These days, judges don’t want real crime to get it’s day in court.
They want divorces, drug use, traffic violations to fill the courts because
they are easy.

Is there a solution?
What do you think?