My Cousin A. Lincoln-a preview

This is a preview of the e-book Facts About Abraham Lincoln.

I’ve been told I looked like certain people and found out that I was distantly related to them  through common ancestors.

I’ve been told,most of my adult life, that I look like A. Lincoln  and I’ve come to see that that isn’t such a bad thing.

Our common ancestor was  Obadiah Holmes. I recently did a Google search on him and learned that his most famous descendant is none other than Abraham Lincoln.

Why is this important?

Over the years many people have said that I have a resemblance to the sixteenth President of the United States and wondered if I had some relationship to him. Well I guess I do though distantly.

Lincoln’s Ancestry-Obadiah Holmes and Abraham Lincoln

 The following is the line  for Lincoln:

1. Obadiah  Holmes (1610-1682) married Katherine Hyde.

2. Lydia Holmes (????-1>1693) married John Bowne  (1630-1684)

3. Sarah Bowne (1669->1714) married Richard Salter (????->1728)

4. Hannah Salter (????-1727) married Mordecai Lincoln (1686-1736)

5. John Lincoln (1716-1788) married Rebecca Flowers (1720-1806)

6. Abraham Lincoln (1744-1786) married Bathsheba Herring (?) (1750-1836)

7. Thomas Lincoln (1778-1851) married Nancy Hanks (1784-1818)

8. Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) married  Mary Todd (1818-1882)


My links may be  back to Obadiah too:

1. Obadiah – Katherine

2. Martha Holmes(1640-1711)-William Wilbor(e) (1630-1710)

(there is some question whether this Martha Holmes was Obidiah’s daughter)

3. Martha Wilbore (1612-1681) -William Sherman(1659-1719)

4.  Mary Sherman(1694- )-Daniel Shepard(1688-1745)

5.  Abigail Shepard(1725-1808)-Peleg Gifford (1719-1810)

6. Noah Gifford (1759-1802)-Mary Bowerman (1758-1846)

7. Alpheus Gifford(1793-1841)-Anna Nash(1800-1879)

8. Samuel Kendall Gifford (1821-1907)-Lora Ann DeMille (1828-1870)

9. Carnelia Gifford(1851-1933 ) -William Robinson Crawford(1842- 1913)

10. Fanny Crawford (1885-1973)-John Jones Gifford (1877-1952)

11. Ellen Gifford(1916- )-Donald Joseph Beacham(1914-1984)

12. Albert Jay Beacham(1950- ) This is me.  Jay

 Here’s another way:

Abraham Lincoln and Albert Jay Beacham

I’m a 9th Cousin 3 times removed

by way of  Sir Edward Elliott & Jane  Gedge


Albert Jay Beacham”line back/1950-Living

Parents: Ellen Gifford-1916-2012 / Donald Beacham- 1914-1984

Her parents: Fanny Crawford-1885-1973/John Jones Gifford-1877-1953

His parents: Alice Allred-1854-1928/Oliver Gifford-1854-1932

His parents: Lora Ann Demille-1828-1870/Samuel Gifford-1821-1907

His parents: Anna Nash-1800-1879/Alpheus Gifford-1793-1841

His parents: Mary Bowerman-1758-1846/Noah Gifford-1759-1802

Her parents: Mary Dillingham-1728-1816/Judah Bowerman-1723-Deceased

His parents: Jane Clifton-1697-1751/Thomas Bowerman-1682-1743

His parents: Mary Harper-1655-1704/Thomas Bowerman-1648-1727

Her parents: Prudence Butler-1644-1673/Robert Harper-1626-1654

Her parents: Mary Lynde-1628-1693/Thomas Butler-1617-1689

His parents: Jane Elliot-1576-1667/John Butler-1568-1632

his parents:

Sir Edward Elliott & Jane Gedge/1546-1595/1546-1595


Abraham Lincoln’s  line back


His parents: Nancy Hanks-1784-1818/Thomas Lincoln-1778-1851

His parents: Bathsheba Herring-1746-1836/Abraham Lincoln-1744-1786

Her parents: Abigail Harrison-1710-1780/Alexander Herring-1708-1778

His parents: Margaret Hamilton-1686-Deceased/Alexander Herring-1682-1735

Her parents:  Eleanor Adams-1669-1751/James Hamilton-1661-1734

Her parents: Jean Gordon-1606-1668/Roger Adams-1650-1692

His mother: Lydia Penniman-1635-1676/father unknown

Her parents: Lydia Elliot-1610-1676/James Penniman-1599-1664

Her parents: Lettice Aggar-1575-1620/Bennett Eliot-1573-1621

His parents: Sir Edward Elliott & Jane Gedge/1546-1595/1546-1595


This is a preview of the e-book “Facts about Abraham Lincoln.

Interesting isn’t it?

You may be related to him too.

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Facts About Abraham Lincoln


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