Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

Lincoln update

22 Apr 2009 | : blog


Sold more Lincoln’s Ghost videos. Only have two left. James needs to make more copies soon so you can obtain your’s without delay.

March 2009

22 Apr 2009 | : blog

On the 12, 13, 14, and 16 of the month I was again at the St.George opera house as the pre-show for “Singing Cowboys”, a melodrama readers theater, prefaced by a four man lead sing-a-long of familiar old west songs(3 of the four played guitars).

I got the crowd in the mood with a spoken and part sung rendition of “Walkin’ Home”, “No room for a cow”(my own composition), and “The Ugliest Man in Washngton County Utah”.

I was a hit but then the whole show was too.

Last Show

22 Apr 2009 | : blog

April 18th, 2009 at Twin Lakes HOA monthly potluck get together hired me as the entertainment. I Started the show with “Walkin’ Home”, followed by my own song:”No room for a cow”. Then the folks learned the true story of the “Ugliest man in Washington County Utah”. That was followed by the “Green Cheese moon”. Then the program took on a different sound as I sang”Sing anything”, then “Streets of Laredo”(helped of course by the audience). We all tried “Give my Regards to Broadway”. I did most of “Plenty of Nuttin'” by myself(people like to sing along, don’t you?) and then we all had a great time with “Waltzin’ Matilda” and then I even got some assistence with “Ole Man River” to end my show.  Shelia Dutton, the director of the county fair poetry competition came in late with two other women and a baby during the songs and requested  a story after the singing. I told the crowd the St.George Live script version that I give when I portray Jacob Hamblin, Mormon pioneer and peacemaker to the Indians. I thanked them for being such a fine audience and then stepped out side to tell the “Ugliest man” story and “No room for a cow” to the three women who came late. (I either enter the poetry competition at the fair, which includes the reading of one’s own poems, and entertain while awaiting the judges decisions or just entertain the folks. I haven’t made it the last two years but plan on it this year.)

Then I got to eat after the others left and spoke with the Entertainment Director, Barbara Hunt(a newspaper entertainment and book reviewer) and to a Judy who sings with the Southern Utah Heritage Choir(the choir is going to sing in Singapore in Oct. this year). The food was great as was the audience and the company after wards.

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