Comment about a video clip
Today I watched a video clip of an actress on a late night talk show.
It was from several years ago.
The actress said that genetic testing showed she was more Irish that she had been told by her family who said the family was mostly Scottish and Welsh, She said they were thus proven wrong.
She obviously doesn’t know much about the connections between Scotland and Ireland.
At one time the kingdom of Ireland was the west coast of Scotland and the northern tip of the island of Ireland. And the Welch don’t live millions of miles away either.
And genetic testing? How many gene pools was she tested against?
I’ve found from genealogical records that she is a 10th cousin of mine. I Didn’t need genetic testing to show that.
I did some online searching:
SIL Ethnologue lists six living Celtic languages, of which four have retained a substantial number of native speakers. These are the Goidelic languages (i.e. Irish and Scottish Gaelic, which are both descended from Middle Irish) and the Brittonic languages (i.e. Welsh and Breton, which are both descended from Common Brittonic); these are Insular Celtic languages-Wikipedia
There is a shared root between the native languages of Ireland (Irish) and the Scottish Highlands (Scots Gaelic). Both are part of the Goidelic family of languages, which come from the Celts who settled in both Ireland and Scotland.
Modern residents of Scotland and Ireland won’t share much DNA with these ancient ancestors. Instead, they can trace most of their genetic makeup to the Celtic tribes that expanded from Central Europe at least 2,500 years ago.Apr 20, 2021
What is the Ireland and Scotland DNA Ethnicity on Ancestry?
The Ireland and Scotland DNA region on Ancestry is located in the British Isles and covers all of Ireland, including Northern Ireland, and all of Scotland. DNA from this region is also commonly found in Wales and parts of England and France. (Celtic)
Scot, any member of an ancient Gaelic-speaking people of Ireland or Scotland in the early Middle Ages. … Originally (until the 10th century) “Scotia” denoted Ireland, and the inhabitants of Scotia were Scotti.
Scot | ancient people | Britannica › topic › Scot
So the actress”s family wasn’t wrong at all. The actress just didn’t know enough.