I was disappointed today to learn that National Opportunities,LLC of Littleton, Colo. had gone out of business. Triple Opportunity was theĀ  business opp, then a health insurance company link, a mortgage company link, and a link to a lot of online stores like Walmart.com and Buynow.com and Priceline.com. I thought they were one of the very best online businesses and I’d just started to generate a lot of traffic to my site.

But so many good firms have died. KJMM-an SEO company(I did direct mail advertisingĀ  and they sold to the respondents- I made my money back on this one and really looked forward to it continuing for a long time.), Bankcard Empire-a Merchant Account Business, American Mortgage-an online mortgage provider(I even earned a referral fee from them.)

Well the end of good things.

Hopefully better things are coming.