Things to consider when talking about complexion problems and other skin outbreaks, even pimples on your back, head, or else where.

I’ve found over my 59 years, that I have to eat certain foods and refrain from other foods in order to not have skin problems.

If I eat pork products, I break out in boils. Some times in some very uncomfortable  places.

If I eat large amounts of refined sugars, I get pimples, not just on my face but on other skin areas, even under my hair at times.  And candida flares up in my sinuses and elsewhere(bowel, bladder, etc.)

Age doesn’t mean a thing. Adults can have acne as well as the young.

The body is trying to get rid of the poisons or toxins that can’t be eliminated through the intestines or the bladder.  It becomes overloaded and weakened and can’t keep up and puts  the excess out other ways, like through the sweat glands and the skin.  The body is so connected and interdependent.

So what can you do about it to eliminate pimples once and for all?

I’m not going to tell you.  For suggestions about what to do, for a cleansing diet, a better regular diet of what to and not to eat, and everything else you need to know to keep your skin clear from head to toe, even to the removal of scars, go to:

Best wishes for a healthy, clear skin,

Jay Beacham