This is Hi. I’ve been trying for over one year to get a site up and get a job(s) using my voice. I should have gone with Rick Gordan but at the time didn’t have the money. He directed me to to set up a site and showed me other voice talent sites. I bought a domain name and got started. My son Steve set up stuff as my webmaster but then couldn’t continue. Later an acquaintence sent me to see a Roy Eckman. Roy had a neat little in home recording studio. I’d been with online voice resoure: Voicemodels (from referrals from Rick) where people could hear my voice. But Roy told me about Voice123. I signed up with them for a year. You can go there to hear my vocal cords. Unlike Roy, who got one free job, I’ve gotten none. Couldn’t afford the Language123 service at the time but may in the future. My brother helpped me set up a small mic for the computer and I recorded hundreds of voice demos on the software Rick had told me how to download. I was set right? Wrong. It seems more money for bigger and better everything is needed. This site, created on WordPress at the direction of Kirk Jensen, an instructor at I took an e-course in e-commerce from them), has been set up to see if I can get a job speaking or sell some of my recordings., etc. The point of all this is that I won’t need to go out and work on buildings when the weather is bad. Now more money to install buy now plugins by using a paid service is needed to use my pay pal buyers account. I don’t have it. No, using credit cards for business doesn’t always return money. Not going to do more of that. Besides this ought to pay for its self someday. So I’m here. Now what? Jay 5/15/08