I have an affilliate site called AJCoverage.com.

It links you to Ivegotcoverage.com. Ivegotcoverage.com has made it easier for the uninsured and un-insurable to find the benefits they want. And they’ve been doing it for over five years.

How It Works

  • Step 1. educate yourself on available plans.
  • Step 2.  “Get a quote”
  • Step 3. Fill the form out in full. Make sure you give  all the details of what you are looking for. (Remember we WILL get you approved, so giving  info. about a pre-existing condition just helps  find a plan that will help you more in that area of service.)
  • Step 4. A representative will give you a call back usually the same day. The representative will run the info you give us against our database of health plans. They will ask a few more questions on the phone to help narrow the choices down. At that point the representative will make a sound recommendation for which plan they see fit for you and your family based on the information you provided.

In most cases once a plan is chosen we can get you setup up the exact same day.

For immediate assistance please call : 1-888-312-3439 ask for the insurance department.

I think this is a good deal. A bother of mine pays $100 per month to the state for his medicaid coverage. That seems steep to me.

I think you should look into this company. There is no force, no government demands, and no problems.

Now how do you get to this web page?

Just click on the link below.


Thanks. You’ll be glad you did.