Today I was at the Brigham Young home for four and three quarters hours. I did my two St. George Live tours. A family in the second group came at eleven and I sent them to the Tabernacle to catchup with the tour.  They stayed longer at Brigham’s. Plus I did several other groups in Brigham’s office and in between getting photos of the missionaries, I was being asked to be in photos with groups of visitors.  One such group consisted of two mothers and 5 boys and 3 girls.  (There were many children today.) The children were outside under the mulberry tree on and around the benches with one of the mothers. The other one was in the house taking photos of everything with an impressive camera. Before she came out side with the sister missionary, one of the boys looked at me and said, ” He’s an impostor” and then a smaller boy  told his mom, “He’s dead.” I had to admit that Brigham was indeed dead and yes I was an impostor but was playing Brigham today. After that they were Okay with it. The boy who said I was an impostor later said I spoke to fast but when we got to the front porch for pictures, he wore Brigham’s hat for a shot or two and didn’t mind being an impostor too.

Lots of fun today and was asked to give my spiel to many groups.  The last of which was a local family and the father’s brother and  parents from California. He had to translate from English into Spanish for the parents. The mother mentioned the new painting of Brigham(earlier a lady had said that it was her favorite painting of him, a sweetened up version of Brigham, while in June a lady looking at that same painting said I was better looking than the painted man; all people’s perspective). They had four daughters, ages twelve on down. I only did my spiel and it was much slower, didn’t tell anything else about the office or St. George. They had requested of the Elder for me to speak to them. It was much easier understanding California Spanish than Mexican Spanish.

One of the young sister missionaries, who is from southern California, is going home next week. She likes big band and swing music. She said I should read audio books. She’d definitely listen to me read them.  And of the couple, the elder kept telling folks about me on the radio and that I  will be again soon, of me being a celebrity, and such like.  Well, I would love to but radio doesn’t pay very well here for an  announcer and I don’t get jobs or parts from auditions. At least such has been the case throughout my life. I’m either asked to be in something or to help out, which I can do very well, or I make my own job or part. So since I started a poetry lens on squidoo and have included a poem or two of mine in this blog from time to time, have made my poetry audio tapes and books and have started recording selections of mine on the computer so as to make a cd.  “Coming soon to a cd player near you. ‘Poems by Jay’ ” as well as digitized versions of my story telling tapes.