The last time I wrote about my e-commerce experience was on Feb. 6 of this year.

I got a Homestead free site and then later a paid site with them. I was excited to get this site and the web-wizard worked at times very well and I was in business adding pages. I even transferred all of my other site’s pages to this one and for $19.95 per month (I could pay by the year), I was pleased. But my Sky-biz site pages couldn’t be edited and much of it became outdated and even wrong so I eventually dropped the site in order to get rid of the wrong info. Didn’t know what else to do, Steve was busy in the Air Force and couldn’t help.

My free access to read and publish my poetry on ended and I transferred my Photoworks photo albums to my email and off onto a disc. And left those two concerns.

I took some old computer parts to a computer whiz and for $115 he made me a great working computer. My son Steve even contributed a part for me.

Where to next? Well the next time I write about my e-experience, I’ll get into “how to spend money and earn nothing”.  See you then.