Have you seen the ads by the rich guru who says: “All you have to do to become rich is buy my program or product”?

How Do I get rich?

Thank you for stopping by to read what I have to say.

I see and hear those things every day.

I been blessed with many things but not so much with money.

How do I get money?

I’ve tried that work really hard thing.

I’ve tried that saving thing.

Have you?

I still have very little cash but lots of work opportunities, even more than I could possibly even do with the time and energy that I have.

How about you?

Now did Abraham of old and King Solomon and many others through out all of human history became very wealthy.

How did they do it?

Did they buy some guru’s program, product, book, course, system?

I don’t think so.

Was it from paying tithing?

From taxing the poor, from gifts, from the chicken that laid golden eggs?

golden egg

What was their source of wealth?

I believe that there are many ways to amass the wealth of the world.

And I believe one can without buying the guru”s stuff.

What do you believe?