For the second straight week, Oklahoma City, Ok. has seen devastating tornadoes.

From the headlines we read:

In Oklahoma’s Tornado Alley….tens of thousands were without power…..more than 91,800 homes and businesses across the state remained without power Saturday.

I just spoke with my daughter in law, Cait, by phone, “I’m still alive. We’re out of power. Power lines down everywhere, poles just snapped off.   I couldn’t handle being a pioneer. I need my power.”

I worked for a power company in the early 1980s. In ’83 a big wind put our power out for twenty four hours but in the surrounding area with REA and Utah Power, power remained out in areas for days because of the devastation.

Yes, Utah has tornadoes though not as often as the mid-west.                                              See this footage from 2007                                                          

So what do we do when the power is off for an extended time?

Throw a neighborhood barbeque so that all the freezer food doesn’t spoil?  Might be good for a day but what for food there after?

Having one’s own generator perhaps would be helpful.  I have one in my motor-home but no gas in it right now and its not hooked to my house.

A good idea that I’ve run across is a generator that starts with a battery and then keeps running.   And this generator can be self built.

The manual you need for this how-to is very inexpensive, $47 US.

Then you can build you own Magniwork Free Energy :

Let’s get a little more prepared.