“I Need Money”.

I hear this remark all the time.  Then when I present the speaker with an idea about how they can solve their dilemma, I get various responses back.

Here are a few of them.

“I don’t have time for that.”   “That’s your thing.”  “I can’t make computers work.”  “What are you selling now?” “Stop spamming me”.

And they continue. And then end their remarks with, “I need money.”

So I have to ask myself, are they really in need of money or are they just complainers.

Here’s a for instance.

I saw a video ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-c0LALnuADA ) about an opportunity that doesn’t cost to join or to invite people or to be invited. I’ve been sharing it online and even talking to people about it for a month now and only three people have signed on. Others have the above responses for me or “my spam filter says this is bad and I trust it.”  What about the “I don’t have the time,”response?  My older brother opened my email to him as I was visiting him yesterday. Within about three minutes, he had signed up, verified it thru an email, logged in with the info from another email and sent out his own invitations.  Who really doesn’t have 3 minutes to spare?  And with a need for money, is that a good excuse? No!

“I’d be under you.” So? This isn’t MLM. This is just people inviting people to join something for free.  What don’t you understand about free?

Well, Watch the video, the go to: Wazzub

Sign and see if you don’t have the time.