Breathing is essential to life whether we are sleeping,working, resting talking or singing.  Some folks huff and puff to get air even when not exerting themselves.  That can be due to ill health or overweight.  But assuming one is in good health and is at the proper weight and is not exercising or working or running, breathing should as natural for an adult as for a baby.  And should be easy and not strained while speaking or while singing.

I made a video about this very topic so let’s go there and watch it right now before we so on with this.  It’s about 8 minutes long.

Five Steps For Better Speaking           

The video gives some good exercises for improving your speaking and singing.  And microphones pick up everything even the clicking of a fan in my computer behind my speaking. Hope it doesn’t annoy you too much.

Then I have another video that tells about getting air for speaking and singing.  It’s about 4 minutes long.

Breath right to speak and sing right

 Two examples of unstrained singing are Deanna Durbin of movie fame in the 30s and 40s and Andrea Bocelli of today. Let’s go look at them do some of that.   The Lady first:

And now Andrea Bocelli as introduced by David Foster.

See what i mean?   Remember to breath right and remember singing is just sustained speaking.

Was any of this worth any thing to you? Let me know. I added someone else’s thoughts in a longer post you can read at:

Catch you next time.