My Christmas Gift To You

Though it’s a little late for Christmas day, it isn’t late for the Christmas spirit that should fill our hearts year round.

“The essence of the Christmas season is giving as motivated by the pure love of Christ for which all should be grateful.

My gift to you at this time of the year is a story not only of giving but of gratitude.   As you eat your Christmas orange that is in better condition than the one in the following story, you can remember all for which you are grateful.

   During the 2nd World War, Denzil Hall was serving in North Africa.   There the American soldiers were given chocolates and other candies to give to the children of the newly emancipated countries so as to win them over to the better life they would now have under the Allies.  Denzil gave away his share to as many children as he could remembering how eagerly they grabbed the sweets and then disappeared not to be seen again unless more candy was distributed by some G. I.

   One day while out walking by himself, Denzil felt like someone was behind him.   Fearing that it was the enemy, he swirled around with gun readied.   To his surprise he found not the enemy but a small ragged boy with outstretched hand.   In the boy’s hand, Denzil saw the oldest, most wilted orange he could ever remember seeing.   The boy drew near and gave the soldier the orange as his thanks for the candy.   The only child who thanked the American for the sweets.   Tears came to Denzil’s eyes as he took the orange from the boy who promptly scurried away leaving the soldier to contemplate the magnitude of the starving boy’s gift.”

   Christmas is about giving and thanking.

   Have a wonderful Christmas!