New Product page-I Love To Sing Karaoke recordings in volume 1 on cd.

These songs were recorded on Karaoke sites online, starting in 2008 and up to the present. Some of these sites don’t exist anymore. I put some songs on my Jay’s Discount store to let people hear and many went there just to hear the singing. Now you don’t need to turn a computer on to hear some of my singing.

I started singing as a child and people have asked me to sing on many occasions, in groups, choirs, plays etc. either in the chorus or as a soloist. I’ve sung Barbershop to Opera. while selling Lincoln’s Ghost dvds, many have asked me if there was singing on it. “No. Lincoln didn’t sing,” I’d reply.  So here is the singing. I’ve published cassette tapes in the past but now everyone wants things on cd.  Well here is the singing on cd.