Today is a rainy day in Ivins, Utah. It’s March 21, 2023

On 9/19/12 I wrote the following.
Today I was working for a couple who live just across the street to my east.
They had just got back from their summer home in Washington state, having missed all the rain and flooding here. The rain has caused a rapid growth in weeds not only in their yard but everywhere the ground is bare.
Fred hired me to help with the overgrowth.
When almost done, he and Carol were out side, resting for a bit.
They said “Go Jay! We’re your cheering section.”
You know its good to be encouraged in what ever we are doing.
Its a shame that for foot races (marathon etc. ) and other sporting events people will cheer the participants on but in the day to day struggles that we all face no one gives a hoot.
Maybe there is something wrong with our priorities.
What do you think?