For some time now, I have been directing people to an e-book advertisement.
One young man told me that the book was too expensive, a third of his apartment rent.
Is it all that expensive at $49.95?
And what is this expensive e-book?
The 2 day Acne cure by Jay.

A leading and very popular acne treatment product costs only $19.95 per month plus $7.99 S&H per month for a three month’s supply of the three bottle, three step process.
Most people experience a great result. And if not, then they can return the product in sixty days for money back less the S&H.
Total of $83.82 spent with a return of $39.95 for the two month guarantee period.

How about the e-book which tells of a cure, not just a treatment?
It costs $49.95 one time with no shipping and offers a 60 day money back guarantee of 100% of the cost you spent(of course there is no shipping as you download it as soon as you pay for it online.Total $49.95. Guarantee: $49.95.
Which would cost the most?
And for the young man, he could buy the book with a friend or two and they all could profit at a lower one time price.

And what of the products?
The popular treatment is a daily thing with three different lotions.
The e-book teaches a cure.
Which would be the easier and best?
What do you think?

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