Friday, April 6th, 2012

Blowin’ in the Wind.

06 Apr 2012 | : blog

Many people get ill in the Spring, I even had a chest infection(bronchitis) last week.


Well I believe the answer is blowing in the Spring breezes.  Let me explain.

The grass and quick growing spring vegetation starts growing and the towns, cities, counties and home owners, not wanting to work and abhorring green, start spraying poisons of all kinds all over, day after day. These chemicals are not only poisonous to plants but to man and animal alike.  And with the winds are blown every where when applied and when outgassing in the sun.

The people breath this stuff in and then become ill and the illness is just blamed on “it’s going around”, “I’m old”, “I’m run down”, etc.

The sprayers are waging a chemical war on the world and the weaker people get ill, and the yet weaker ones die and the weeds live on and on.

Part of an article talks about weeds, I’ve only included one paragraph and a link to the rest of the article.

“After New York unleashed Operation Ragweed–spraying 200 to 300 gallons of the toxic brew on each acre treated–other communities joined the fray. Although they bought into the idea, as Zalck puts it, “that killing ragweed with herbicides would produce new vegetation, cleaner air, and healthier people,” that’s not what happened. After soaking its landscape with over eight million gallons of 2,4-D, New York City threw in the towel. Worse, and consistent with the contemporaneous blanket spraying of DDT, phenoxyacetic herbicides worked their way up the food chain, compromising air and water quality, and public health.”

Most of the weeds sprayed, just dry up and leave the dried remains to be a fire hazard.

Another article about weed killer points out  “Americans just race to fix one problem by replacing it with a potentially larger problem.”

As I describe  in my book “The Canaries are Dying”, the weaker people get their immune systems weakened to the point that they develop disease and die due to exposure to the chemicals in our environment.  And like the Monster of Dr. Frankenstein, science becomes a menace to society because mankind attempts to improve on God’s creations.

The best way to get rid of the weeds you think are so harmful to your health, is to dig them out.  Then no one is harmed but the weed.

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My update today April 21, 2012.
The temperature was 91 degrees Fahrenheit today.
Many of the spring grasses(fox tail, squirrel tail etc.) and weeds(mustard, secardi, etc.) have now dried up due to the heat. So had the spray poison fanatics waited one month, the weeds that were so offensive when green would have dried up on their own.

My update March 9, 2014

Spring is here again and the green haters are at it again.  And wouldn’t you know the weeds are thicker than last year due much snow and rain over the winter months.   Many people have died of cancers of various kinds and other causes that have been associated with the dangerous herbicides used yearly.

I thought I’d refer you to a poem I wrote about the problems caused by man made chemicals.

It is number 4,  “Silent Killer” in “Under Red Cliffs”   a poetry anthology I have on Kindle books.

And a thank you to you Facebook users who visited this post yesterday and today.

One last note.  The mustard greens make a nutritious and tangy treat in salads and sandwiches.   The leaves, the seeds, and the stem of this mustard variety are edible.  It has other beneficial uses too.   Check it out:

Or from the  Green Deane”s

or see him harvest and cook some at:

I’ve been using mine as fresh greens for several weeks and I didn’t need to plant or water them and they taste great.



It’s Friday evening in Utah’s Dixie.

06 Apr 2012 | : blog

It’s Friday evening in Utah’s Dixie. What to do? Waiting for someone to come. They are very late. But then with this “time change” that saves nothing, it is still light out at 8pm.     And even though there has been a cool breeze today, it is still pleasant enough to be outside, so a person can lose track of time.

The St. George Art festival was today and will continue tomorrow.  Lots of people there to trap someone but it has closed for the day. I could turn the TV on but haven’t except for once in months. Nothing of value on.

And the internet has  a wide variety of pursuits but except for the Karaoke sites, most hold no pull over me.  And I get weary with the games by internet marketers.  Comment only to get a back link, sell at only $37, $47, $49 etc. for software or program and be rich with no work forever after the consumer makes them rich.

And the real opportunities cost little or nothing but no one wants to check those out.

Could go wash the dishes or fix something different to eat.

I could write a nonsensical blog entry.

Why not?

You just got one.

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