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29 Apr 2012 | : blog

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I always read my mail. Anything you send me or that you post, I will see it. Thank you for all that you do. I try to write at least one letter each week. The best way to contact me is my email address. I also am on Facebook a lot and yes I do read all messages and posts. However sometimes Facebook makes mistakes. So if you want to be sure that I get your message, send it to my email address. I don’t post my phone number however I will call you if you give me yours. It’s not always possible for me to call because I travel a lot. However, I slow down for several months each year and try to call everyone who has been begging me to call them. Thank you for your patience and your friendship. You probably have seen my books and my website and know that I love giving away my books because my books save lives. But now I am only giving away the link to my website. Yes I was paying everyone to give away my books. But now I’m paying people to give away the link to my website. Not everyone knows how to use the computer to copy and give away my books. Giving away the link is much easier. Yes I was giving away Millions of dollars but now I have discovered that many people don’t want a Million dollars and my offer was too big and seemed impossible for them to believe. In most developing nations most of my friends are happy with $5,000 so that’s the amount I’m giving away now. Since you’re probably going to ask, here is the “link message” that works best when giving away my link to other people:

Get $1,000 for every 20 people you give this message.

Get up to $5,000 for doing nothing! Costs nothing!

Get money here:

Simply put your email address in that message and give it away to others. They’ll follow the link to my website where I ask them for your email address. And I pay you $1,000 for every 20 of them. Thanks for being my friend! I’m always here for you if you need anything. Most of my books are kind of my letter to the world. I’m trying to share what I’ve learned about living life successfully. Every hour of every day I look around and see so much suffering, fighting, and dying. It’s all unnecessary. I blame ignorance. I don’t blame people. There’s no point in blaming people. Blame doesn’t solve the problem. Education solves the ignorance. But that sometimes takes time. I would rather save those who want to be saved, instead of wasting time educating those who fight against truth. So don’t argue with people about my books. If they don’t want the link and they don’t want the money, don’t argue with them. We can still save Millions of lives, there are millions of people who want a better life and are searching for the truth. Don’t waste time with those who are not searching. Don’t waste time with those who reject your offer. And never fight or argue. Always be kind. Always be ethical. And don’t send SPAM to people. Always obey the laws. And always pay taxes. If you don’t want to pay taxes or obey the law then do what I did and move to another country where you like the laws and country enough to pay the taxes there. Don’t break laws, simply move to another country where you like the laws. Life is so easy and simple. It’s just a matter of being pro-active and getting it. If you want it, go get it. If you don’t want it, that’s fine too. Everybody is different. We all want something else in life. If I can help, please let me know. Your friend always, Ben Arnold.
Note: My translations are sometimes bad. So please feel free to translate and edit my materials and please just send me a copy if you can. Thank you.
P.S. – Don’t worry. Everybody already involved in giving away books in the past, whatever I said I would pay you in the past, is still the same today. The old plan rolls over into this one, you’ll get paid what I said you would in the past. You’ll always get whichever amount is greater. Because Ben cares about you, and never lies.
Your friend always.
Ben Arnold
Here is my book, I hope you like it!

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