Today I got a notice from a casting agency:

“2.) We are looking for  male voice over actors –  Language: English (US). Voice age : 18-24(2 positions) and 30-45(3 positions) “

Voice age?

What in the world does that mean?

When I was about 14 my voice changed from a fine boy soprano to a deep bass.

At 16, I started work at a radio station.

Now at 68 my voice sounds just the same as it did at 16 unless I try to sound like a toothless old timer.

Now can any one expect a voice to sound a certain age?

This is a totally dumb request, so I won’t be applying.

My looks have changed but not my voice.

Me at 16 Mr. Fawson and me

Me now at 68Picture 168

Me recording voice workArt a recording studio singing backup vocals for a folk singer.

Hear voice samples at:

scroll down to the Sound Cloud section Latest Tracks.